The Movie
intertwines multigenerational characters, rich cinematography, hip local music and a video game that tell a not so simple love story.
The Story
A twenty-something Conrad Miller leaves a small town in Wisconsin, promising himself sixty days to make lasting memories before he returns home to take over his parent's cheese factory. Conrad journeys to Portland, attracted to its vibrant urban bike culture and beautiful scenery. Conrad makes valuable friendships and has a decidedly modern love affair with Steve Jones. The friends learn to love and live like never before, but this simple story reveals unexpected turns and darker elements as the sixty-day timeline counts down.

It’s pretty clear where the inspiration for The Bicyclists came from - the hugely popular hit web series, The Bicyclist, of course! Both the series and the Movie are written and directed by Carl Jameson.

We've kept much of what you've loved about the episodes but reinvented the story. We still have the same main four characters (Conrad, Steve, Zack and Lissa), but each character changes in both small and big ways. We still have some of the same quirky comedy, but the drama goes much deeper and the story takes us to unexpected places.