The Project
Before embarking on a project as big as a feature length high-definition film we wanted to raise the standards to meet the task. We asked much more of ourselves (both cast and crew) than we have in the episodes. The result has been a more beautifully shot and intricately acted story than we ever expected.

All scenes were shot in Portland, SW Washington and Eastern Oregon during the months of August and September of 2008. We are currently in post-production. The movie will be released in February of 2009, and will begin to be submitted to film festivals. Also, in the spirit of the "do it yourself" movement, we will be self-distributing the "The Bicyclists" movie. Yes, that means you can buy a DVD as soon as we make replications. The e.t.a on that is April 2009. Also, we will be scheduling screenings throughout the U.S. in the spring and summer of 09.

“The Bicyclist” video game that is referred to many times in the movie will be developed shortly after the release of the movie.

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The Crew
  • Clint Ganczak – Camera Operator
  • Cassie Skauge - Lighting Grip
  • Matt Ediger – Script supervisor
  • Kisa Jones - Production Assistant and Grip
  • Ben Wiebe - Production Assistant
  • Christina Kortum– SFX make-up
  • Alison Binford - Make-up
  • Crystal Shade - Make-up
  • Jennifer Gill - Make-up
  • Janet Price - Make-up
  • Rose Barclay - Make-up

Craftmaster Independent presents The Bicyclists with
Carl Jameson as Writer, Director and Cinematographer
and Sharon Jameson as Producer and Art Director.